teluguhotvideosfree: How do you define a Indian Girl or Indian Women?

How do you define a Indian Girl or Indian Women?

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The average Indian girls or women are 
1. Basically culture and heritage conscious.
2. They are mostly exploited for domestic jobs.
3. They are submissive.
4. They respect the bond of their societies.
5. They are mostly dependent.
6. They are conscious of self respect.
7. They are more or less contented.

if one married person is keeping online relation with a girl through chatting,will it be counted as cheating with his wife?

with a girl/female it seems ghost mentally freshness,you are talking whom you dont know about her, it s makes imaginary thought just dreamy.where you never see her you never feel with touch,once in that is not cheating if he will have only chatting relationship with girl...hi, when u saw a other female than it is cheating but now a days even if u had a physical relations with female other than wife it is called a


there should be definately previledge to every female to have free education not upto school but upto college which in turn will make every woman self dependant since they can have job after college.It will also of the society.Free education will definately help in controlling but the root cause is the mentality ofindian society.Dowry is the major cause for foeticide ,hence a srict ban should be made on any kind of dowry

Mujhe Eak Ladki Se Pyar Hogya Hai,But Mai Usse nahi Boll Paraha hun.Becz, Mene abhi tak usse baat tak nahi ki hai.Mujhe Kya Karna Chahiye ?

hai.all the best dear friend....ladki ke diwana bhut hota hain. Do not wast time do it fast...Love does not allow feeling shy. You will have to shun fear to express your feelings to the girl. Because. If the girl is confident and trust on you, she may be your friend and in love....go& propose .pyar kiya to darna kiya...pahle us ladki ko bol de nai to chli jaye gi...go staright and tell that u love her its
8. They are God-fearing.

Most Indian girl's are introverts, shy & unapproachable. Indian woman are equally introverts & shy but approachable by family members but not strangers or unknown men.
There is nothing to define in that..
INDIAN WOMEN is a COMPOSITION of various relations... in all manners...
She is a daughter, a mother..
She is the one, who takes care of everything not only in her life, but also for her entire family..

Indian women / girls are therefore competent and always taken as separately than anyone else in the entire world..

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